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We are pleased to offer this opportunity to all who have a serious interest in enrolling in our programs. We assume that by completing and submitting this application you have the means by which to follow through on your intention to enrol.

Programs: Please check the program you wish to attend

Fiber Arts: Stitching Nature & Culture on a Greek Island with Jodi Colella
June 1 - 14 2021

Full Tuition: $3635
Spouse/Non-student Tuition: $2850
Materials Fee: $100

Paint, Draw and Print Intuitively with Adria Arch Sept 1 -14 2021

Full Student Tuition: $3635
Spouse/Non Student Tuition: $2850

Spouse/Non-students are excluded from studio classes but may enjoy all other facets of the program including field trips, archaeological sites and museum visits, cultural workshops and social activities.

I would like to request SINGLE ACCOMMODATIONS in Athens and Skopelos for an additional fee of $575

Emergency Contact Information: Please list the names and contact information of relatives or close friends whom we can contact for you in case of emergency

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Please read and check: As a condition of enrolling at the Island Center for the Arts Inc., I agree to assume the risk of any personal injury that might occur while attending Island Center Programs, or which may occur in transit to and from Greece. In addition, I agree to assume all risk of loss, theft and damage to my personal property while attending Island Center Programs.